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SCI_Arc Society

An AR Social Media App for architectural students

Project Description


This APP based on augmented reality aims to fulfill SCI-Arc students’ socialization during their academic life, especially for new students. In this platform, users can quickly encounter new friends and get more connections with acquaintances. In the beginning, registers need to comment on locations in the map where are prevalent and surrounding the SCI-Arc, and each others’ uploaded works in the City Gallary. According to their comments, the system will create more real and face-to-face socializing opportunities between users

TIMELINE: Jan - Apr 2021

TOOLS: Unity Game Engine, Universal Render Pipeline, C#, Cinema 4D, Rhino

Advisor: Casey Rehm

Agents: Damjan Jovanovic
           Soomeen Hahm

interface and chart-01_edited.jpg
interface and chart-02_edited.jpg

Interface and Database


Once users install this App and open it, they will see a survey you need to fill in. This survey works as a Google form for collecting the database for our matching function. There are 16 significant locations around SCI-Arc users can comment. After filling in comments of those locations, SCI-Arc Society App will produce emotion analysis to define their writing styles to generate social connections between them accordingly

To build up the matching program, I collect comments from other social media, such as Twitter. Then I use them as data to train a model able to recognize various feelings or emotions in sentences and define writing styles as the writing style can represent a person’s personality, background, and interests. Thus, the more similar users’ writing styles, the higher their possibility of being matched and talking physically.




The site is the public space between SCI-Arc and One Santa Fe, where SCI-Arc Society serves the main functions.

Main Functions


Based on our users’ requirements, our App will provide four primary services: $CI points and Navigation, AR Booth, Information Cloud, and City Gallery.

“$CI” points and Navigation:

SCI points are the currency in our App, which presents as a $CI logo that you can collect on the site. Like the actual currency, it can encourage you to complete more tasks, which is socializing with other registers. They will distribute between the user and tasks and work as navigation to guide one walking along with them for earning points and towards target tasks naturally.

For example, as the demo video shows, when my matched friends are in the vicinity, the SCI logo will appear as a dashed line in front of me. By walking along with them, I earned more $CI points and encountered a new friend on the other side of the line. 

Also, like the money in the real world,  you can spend it on other services in our App, such as the City Gallery and AR Booth.

$CI-Points Founction

$CI-Points Founction

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