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Oslo Design Museum

The Oslo Design Museum attempts to work as an iconic architecture in Oslo, not only for documenting and exhibiting the history and story of the development of design but also monumental for remarkable designers and arising discussion among citizens. Also, it tends to revive design by providing a promenade space for people to walk along the tour of design history and gather in a public area to talk about design. To address this issue, the Oslo Design Museum presents a dynamic formation to speak with citizens based on simple concepts: loop line plus straight line. The loop line form represents a time-traveling atmosphere for gallery interior space, whereas the straight-line geometry contains interior spaces satisfying visitors' socializing and rest requirements. 


After entering the building, people will go up to the second floor through the "First Ramp" in the reception hall. In that hall, visitors' view can be exposed to all building floors, denoting a strong spirit of place. After people travel in the gallery, they will pass the "Main Stair",  a path to the downstairs café. When serving as a transitional stair to another area, it is also a dynamic space that encourages people to halt and take a seat. By appreciating the crowd on different floors, the time and space scale is shrunk in visitors' minds, and the barriers caused by different views between people are removed naturally.

TIMELINE: May-Sep 2020

TOOLS: Rhino, Adobe Illustrator, Photoshop, Keyshot

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