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AR Filter

built in Lens Studio and Unity

Finger Figure

The "Finger Figure" filter concepts are hand shadow and shadow play.

Once the camera detects a left hand or right hand, a stick figure will appear and interact with your hand gestures and movements.  

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finger and person.png

Robotic You

"Robotic You" filter will bring you an "AI" version of you. You can use your palm to attract the AI's expressive humanlike face and expose its robotic face underneath it at this lens.

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robotic you.png
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Colors Reborn

Tap the screen to spawn flowers and butterflies around your place. Their appearance will be affected by colors at the locations where you tap at. The colors are reborn.

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colors are born.png

My Face Pajama

This lens will wear you a unique character pajama showing your face images and patterns lively moving on it.  

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my face pajama.png
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Knitting Winter Wears

You have no chance to wear cute knitting scarfs and hats somewhere with no cold winter but in this lens.

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knitting textile wear.png
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Smile on Mask

The main idea is to create a simple AR effect toggling between organic motion effects by detecting if you are smiling in run-time. It tells people that a smile can remove the "cloud" on your head or life. Substantial short mobile films are produced to record people, especially selfie users, using front cameras. It helps unseen people to be seen and receive care from the world.

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