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Phygital Textiles

The Phygital Textile is prompted by the collections and techniques of British designer Matty Bovan a graduate of Central Saint Martins in London where he specialized in Fashion Knitwear. Of relevance to this project is Bovan’s brilliant use of knitting techniques with numerous pieces made from rectangular wool sections, some handmade and others produced on old 1980’s knitting machines.

In this project, we created and presented a digital knitwear collection, each encompassing five production spaces: Mannequins, Swatch, Templates, Garments, and Scene. I’m mainly responsible for the Swatch section and shift to Templates, Garments, and Scene sections when my team needs me. Collaging, layering, draping, knitting, braiding, and throwing together whatever shapes come to us bring dynamic design and push people’s barriers about what they feel is acceptable and unacceptable. Also, we explore the phygital processes and workflows that synthesize digital knitting machine instructions from patterns and real images in C4D.

TIMELINE: May-Sep 2021

TOOLS: Rhino, C4D, Redshift

Instructors: Peter Testa

Teaching Assistant: Nero He

Teammates: Cristina Cotruna, Dharsini Kalaiselvan, Evelyn Mao, Jinyu Rao

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