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Hyperloop Desert Campus

In the heart of the Nevada desert, a few kilometers away from Las Vegas, the first test center of Hyperloop - the futuristic means of transport that will connect cities and nations at a much-higher speed than planes - has been created.


This technology has needed the desert’s spaces and isolation to grow and consolidate, but has advanced to the point that it requires a more-advanced testing and study center, where the brightest minds on the planet can collaborate to define practices and methodologies that can transform today's visions into tomorrow's reality. For this reason, Hyperloop needs to expand its test center: this is why YAC is pleased to present Hyperloop Desert Campus.


Lost in the American desert, among the salt basins and millenial desolations where the steam of the ancient locomotives were first hosted, architects will be asked to shape the most recent dreams of innovation and speed through an iconic building located in one of the most majestic and suggestive contexts on the planet.


This will be the place where the history of mankind will be written; the new Hyperloop campus will not be a mere building, but rather a real sanctuary of science, a place where the impossible becomes possible, where it will be possible to celebrate the ancient and always-renewed race towards the most heartfelt and irredeemable ambition of our species: progress.

TIMELINE: May-Sep 2020

Teammates: Biao Cao, Yujia Fang

TOOLS: Rhino, Grasshopper, C4D, Reddshift, Adobe Illustrator

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